top 10 funny movies on netflix

Top 10 funny movies to watch on Netflix

Is it one of those days when you feel that life just sucks? You just had a horrible day at the office with everything going against you. Then you come home and instead of your kids running to hug you, you find them in the midst of a fight.

To make things worse, your wife’s also had a bad day and is venting out her frustration on you. What you need now is not just something cooling and relaxing to drink but something that will make you laugh, like the top funny movies on Netflix.

Yes, Netflix offers a host of movies to keep you entertained for hours. You can in fact go bingeing on movies, as long as you have your list of movies piled and ready, waiting for you.

Of course, you are sure to find lots of movies on the TV too, but you don’t get to choose what you want like on Netflix. Instead of scouring through the lists of movies playing on channels, or you just have to switch on your Netflix account and pick out the funny movies you want to watch.

With Netflix offering so many movies to watch, it’s not practical for you to actually read the synopsis of each and every movie before deciding what movies you want to watch. You may in fact end up tired and asleep by the time you do all this!

Besides, it’s not always you have your television all to yourself. You have to make do with whatever time you have, which is why this list of the top 10 funny movies to watch on Netflix has been compiled. You can just watch one movie after the other, enjoy the movies and your drink and forget all about your bad day.

Most movies are also meant for the entire family, so you can actually spend some quality time bonding over the movies, while munching on your favorite popcorn. Here are the movies, randomly listed out for you to choose and select from.

1.     Pretty in Pink

This is one of the most comical teen comedies of the 1980s where Molly Ringwood is a teenager torn between her dashing suitor and quirky best friend. John Hughes gave one of his best performances in this movie while the soundtrack is much better than even poplar Brat Pack films of the era.

2.     The Addams Family

This morbid but delightful movie gives justice to its famous comic strip and television series. You have Raul Julia and Angelica Huston acting as the desperately in love Gomez and Morticia Adams.

They act their roles perfectly, as a couple in love; make regular trips to torture chambers while their kids are always trying to murder each other. You also have a disembodied hand giving great scalp massages.

3.     Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday

This is an American adventure movie centering on a person who meets a new friend. They head to New York City with the intention of celebrating their birthday but they’ve much more waiting for them there!

Here’s lots of comedy and adventure because they end up involved with some girls who’ve just robbed a bank. Don’t just imagine what may happen, watch the movie!

4.     The Ridiculous 6

With Adam Sandler in the Ridiculous 6, you are assured this movie is ridiculously funny! As usual, he’s the centre of the movie and he’s trying to reach that point in life where he can be happy. It’s what he tries to do along the way that tickles your funny bones.

5.     Sandy Wexler

This is another movie for Adam Sandler fans. The movie as usual revolves around him where he tries to understand his employee’s singing talent. It’s what he does next upon finding out about the talent that makes you laugh till you die.

6.     Topic Thunder

There may be no one else than director Ben Stiller who can actually make a comedy out of a war movie. However if you take a look at the cast of the movie with the likes of Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Brandon T Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. Acting in it, it’s not surprising that this is one of the best comedies on Netflix.

7.     Blazing saddles

Why some people may have found Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles rather offensive when it was first released, it’s still one of the funniest movies around. The movie has Cleavon Little playing the town’s first black sheriff.

It’s the fact that the town is full of racists who would rather have him dead, than have him protect them that makes the movie comical with all their actions and words. Gene Wilder playing an alcoholic gunslinger is a cherry to the movie.

8.     Stripes

You have Bill Murray and Harold Ramis playing misfits of the society in the movie Stripes. As they don’t fit anywhere in society, they feel it’s better to join the army. But they even find glitches with the government which leads them into more trouble.

They even end up stealing a prototype Winnebago war tank and head for a joy ride in Europe. The story may seem to be a bit on the sloppy side, but thanks to Murray’s, Ramis’s and their co-stars’ acting, the movie gets a slot in this list of top 10 funny movies on Netflix.

9.     The Truman Show

No funny movie list can be complete without a movie with the all-time favorite, Jim Carrey! You have Jim Carrey playing the role of a young man, Truman Burbank, who subconsciously ends up spending his whole life in front of the camera.

Not only does Carrey create some of his signature comical and memorable moments into the movie, the subversive commentary adds more spice and comical moments. You also for once get to see Carrey acting instead of just displaying his comical side.

10.Hot Fuzz

While Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have done quite a few cameras together, this movie is something different. The story is about Nicholas Angel (Pegg) being a London cop posted to a small Sanford village for duty.

It’s with time that he realizes that the accidents labeled ‘unfortunate’ in villages were not unfortunate at all. And this confrontation leads to a bloody standoff between him and other law enforcers in the village. It’s only after watching the movie that you realize it’s indeed a comedic masterwork.

Now that you have the pick of the top 10 funny movies to watch on Netflix, why waste more time? Start relaxing and enjoying the rest of the night watching these movies!

Mradula Shet

Mradula Shet

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