How to win at baccarat – 10 tricks to make you win at baccarat

Baccarat is an interesting game that proves challenging to not only beginners but even to pros. You need to understand the game well, and know its rules and winning strategies if you want to learn how to win at baccarat.

Though baccarat rules may seem confusing and weird at first, you’ll get familiar with it with practice. And it’s with this practice that you find it easier to keep these tricks in mind, and use them to your advantage and win your game.

1. Know the odds of the game

Like any casino game, even baccarat has its share of odds. It is when you know and understand your odds that you have an upper hand and better chance at winning.

While the banker bets have a 45% winning odds and a 1% house edge, the player bet offers a 44% winning odds with a 1.24% house edge. This means you can lose 1 unit for every 100 units wagered on the banker, and 1.24 units for every 100units wagered on the player. This includes the 5% standard casino tax.

However, the tie bet comes with a house edge of 14.4% which means you stand to lose 14.4 units for every 100 wagered units.

2. Avoid tie bets

Looking at the previous tip, it would be a wise decision if you avoided a tie bet. It’s obviously because it offers a low house edge, and a lower probability of winning when compared to other two betting options. Yes, a tie bet may seem to offer an enormous benefit, but it’s at the expense of your bankroll which is why it’s better avoided.

3. The banker has a better edge

Of the three types of bets, it is better to place your first bet on the banker, who tends to win more than 50% of the time. Even though there is a 5% commission in every win to ensure the player doesn’t get an edge on the bet, it is better to go with the banker.

So if you notice that the banker is on a winning streak from the first bet placed, then do keep betting on your banker. However, at the same time, you should also remember that winning streaks are not permanent. There is still the house edge you have to face on every bet, and you can’t get out of these edges.

4. Player bets make a better option progressive bets

Now you may get confused reading this baccarat trick, especially after reading the previous one, because both are contradictory statements. There is however some logic and an explanation behind this.

All progressive bets offer double the amount after losing a bet. So if it is the fifth bet, and had wagered 50, 100, 200 and 400 respectively in all the bets, you will receive 800 dollars, which is double the last bet amount.

So while you may have lost 750 dollars in the past 4 bets, you still gain 800 at the end. You end up taking home some money, even after paying commission, which proves why a player bet is better for progressive bets.

5. Nothing’s perfect

Nothing’s perfect, not even the baccarat betting system. But understanding its flaws can help you win at the game. Remember that the betting system has both positive and negative progression. Positive progression increases your winnings as you win on progressive bets while the negative puts you down.

6. Set some goals

Like anything else in life, you need to set a goal to win at baccarat. The goal gives you more focus and concentration to not only gain your investment but also profits.

It also helps you make better and more disciplined decisions, which is much better than random, tempting and addictive open gambling.

7. Slow and steady wins the race

Impulsive betting never helps you win. It is true that you want to make as much money as possible by trying your luck through baccarat. However, remember the turtle and rabbit story.

It was the turtle who eventually won, despite his slow speed. Similarly, making bets in a hurry without using any logic or common sense is of no help at all.

Just think, keep a watch on the other bets and hands. Place bets only after you understand everything for a better chance at winning at a game of baccarat.

8. Adopt alternate betting patterns

It is interesting to know that an alternative betting pattern where you bet on the player on the first hand, and then on the banker on the second, and repeating again helps you win at baccarat at least once or twice. It helps by making a monotonous game of baccarat more engaging and interesting.

9. Understand the commission

Do not forget the applicable commission on a baccarat bet. Even if you win some bonus after betting on the banker all the time, the house rounds up the commission earned to the nearest quarter. Remembering and understanding this concept helps you make better bets where you stand to gain maximum commissions.

10. Effective money management helps

It’s important you know how to manage your bankroll well because you may have to go through some losses too. So make sure you maintain a bankroll with sufficient funds by making low bets to the tune of $5 and managing commissions through banker bets. You can, later on, start betting on layer for a dollar.

Know and stick to your limits. This means avoid playing more hands, and just play in the limit. Take a firm stand about moving out if you are down with a few hands. It even helps if no matter if you win or lose, that you take a short break and then resume playing baccarat.

 Now that you know these 10 tips to help you win baccarat, you can start implementing them to find out how well they can actually help you. As long as you have good judgment, play logically and stay within your limits, then you have a higher and better chance of winning at baccarat.

Mradula Shet

Mradula Shet

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