how to clean a white shoes

How to Clean White Shoes

The most difficult task to achieve is keeping the things that are white, white! Whether it is a dress, clothes, sheets or any item, keeping them white and bright is very difficult.

When it comes to shoes, they are the most difficult ones to maintain when they are white. It is a mighty old mystery for all of us to keep the white shoes clean. Having white shoes might be very nice and useful, but keeping them white is very difficult.

We wear shoes and walk on various types of surfaces and keeping them clean irrespective of what color they are in itself is difficult, imagine how dirty white shoes might be getting.

We have all been through this struggle at least once in our life but here we bring you some of the best ways to know how to clean white shoes. There are numerous methods that are on the internet, however, we have selected some that are the best.

We have listed a couple of things to keep your shoes clean, however, since they are white it is obvious that you need to put in a little more time and energy into this as well. So if you want to own a pair of white shoes, get ready for some challenge.


How to Repel it

Prevention is the best way. This is the first way of keeping your white shoes clean. When we say to prevent it does not mean that you should wear them and not walk, it means that you are recommended to make use of some specially made sprays. There are sprays that you can use on your shoes that are stain proof and waterproof. Spray your shoes with this before using them.

Make sure to spray your shoes every couple of weeks so that they don’t become dirty in the first place. Make it habit every time to use the spray irrespective where you are planning to wear it and in which weather condition you are going to wear.

Make it a habit of cleaning your shoes immediately when they become dirty. This might look a tiring job, however, it is very effective for long-term to keep your shoes white. What you can do is if your shoes are stained wipe it instantly with the help of a gentle wiping agent. This will avoid the stain from entering deep into the fabric of the shoes and once your back home it will be easy to wash it off.


Items required to Clean White Shoes

To clean a shoes having a toothbrush is a must. If you want to clean some difficult to reach dirty spots this will come in handy. Make use of some liquid soap and water and scrub the white shoes gently with it and you will see the difference.

In spite of this if you are unsuccessful in removing the stains there are some home remedies that you can do with household products such as:

  • Bleach
  • Toothpaste
  • Baking soda
  • Baby powder

All the above-mentioned items are useful in removing the stains from your white shoes. Some hard to remove stains can be got rid of with the help of these items.

Never make the mistake of putting your white shoes inside the washing machine. Neither should you toss them in along with your laundry nor should you put them alone because it will make the tint and white color of the shoes worse and even the worst could happen, that will damage your shoes permanently. The force of the washing machine might damage by cracking the leathers on your shoe or tear the fabric. The white shoes will be completely ruined and that is not how to clean white shoes.


How to use bleach to clean white shoes?

It is recommended to make use of bleach to clean white shoes, however, this might not be the first choice because it is a very intense solution. However, you can dilute it and use it.

The standard recommendation of the amount of bleach you can use is a mixture of 1:5 that is 1 portion of bleach should be mixed with 5 portions of water. If you make use of more than recommended amount of bleach your white shoes will turn into a pale yellow color.

The bleach that is available at home, sodium hydroxide is usually not harmful, but it might cause some irritation to the eyes, lungs, skin and mouth. It is recommended to follow the normal instruction that is standard like using gloves and washing in a ventilated room.


Make the mixture of water and bleach in and take a toothbrush and dip it in the solution and start scrubbing in an area that is stained. Once you feel like the stain is gone or at least reduced wash the shoes with water and let it dry.


How to clean white shoes using baking soda?

One of the most commonly used items is baking soda and this item is available in everyone’s home either for cooking but mostly for cleaning stuff around the house because this household item has been found to be very effective. Any DIY hacks that are there for cleaning consists of baking soda. Including white vinegar will give you a better result.


Add all the items in 1:1:1 ratio that is, one tablespoon of vinegar, one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of water and mix them together. Make sure that the mixture is like paste in texture. Take a good amount using a toothbrush and apply this to the area that is spoiled. Slowly start rubbing the brush in a circular manner.

When the shoes are completely covered with the paste, keep it under the sun for about 3 to 4 hours. After a couple of hours you will notice that the mixture has dried, take the shoes and start dusting the mixture off. Use the brush again to remove any excess mixture is left on the shoes. You will notice that your shoes have become white and bright.



Well I must say that keeping a pair of shoes sure takes a lot of work! But by following some of these methods things might become a little easier. There is a saying that says “A man is judged by the shoes he wear” so don’t let your dirty white shoes speak for you. “Keep them white, keep them bright!”

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