how to boil eggs

How to boil eggs

When we ask someone for a boiled eggs, they might respond in a way that it is such a simple thing to do. However, boiling an egg is not exactly that simple because it should be cooked for a particular amount of time or else it might not taste and look the same.

If you leave the egg to boil for one minute longer than it is supposed to boil, you will get a green circle around your egg. It might even become difficult to peel it, resulting in you making something else out of the crumbled egg when you were willing to eat a boiled egg. How to boil eggs perfectly is not something that is artistic, there is rather mere science behind it.


Different Types of  Boiled Eggs.

Mainly there are two types of boiled eggs, one is hard-boiled egg and the other is a soft-boiled egg. As the name suggests hard-boiled egg is used to consume by cutting it into pieces because it’s white and yellow that is yolk both are hard. Sometimes is also used to make deviled egg as well as to decorate during Easter.

On the other hand, soft eggs are paired with toasts and salads as the white portion is hard and the yolk is semi-liquid or soft, therefore it is known as a soft-boiled egg. This takes much lesser time to cook than a hard-boiled egg. This egg goes well with a bowl of noodle soup as well.

It is highly recommended to consume hard-boiled egg because the risks of falling ill because of bacteria are low. Still, if you wish to consume soft-boiled egg makings use of pasteurized egg is suggested as there is less risk of falling ill due to bacteria.


An Experiment with Boiled Eggs:

You can do this experiment to understand whether the eggs should be boiled by directly dropping them in the hot boiling water or put them in the cold water and then place it on the stove to boil.

When we decided to do the same experiment, we thought that dropping them in hot water would be a better option since the eggs would boil on a proper temperature that is controlled and this would make it easy to peel the eggs.

However, to our surprise, we found that when the water was boiled by placing it first in the cold water and then on the stove was a better option. It was noticed that when an egg was boiled in this method it made it very easy to peel the egg.

Either way you can still boil an egg perfectly, but preference is given to start with cold water


Steps You Should Know So That You Will Know How To Boil Eggs Perfectly

Ingredients Required:   Number of eggs you wish to boil, water and ice water.

Materials Required:   Cooking pot with lid, big spoon, timer and bowel.

#Step1:   Take a cooking pot and put all the eggs into it. Make sure that the eggs are not placed one above the other and then fill it with cold water till all the eggs are completely immersed into the water.

#Step2:   Place the pot with egg and water on the stove and let it boil. Do not cover the lid till it starts boiling.

#Step3:   Once the eggs start boiling close the lid and start boiling according to the type of egg you want.


Number Of Minutes You Need To Boil Eggs

If you boil an egg for (Tabs are Clickable) :

You will get a soft-boiled egg which will have egg white that is slightly set.


You will get a soft-boiled egg which will be less runny than the above mentioned soft-boiled egg.


You will get a soft-boiled egg that will have a creamy texture which we can all as medium-boiled. It will have a custard type of texture.


You will get a hard-boiled egg that will have a full cooked white, however, it will still be little creamy in texture.


You will get a hard-boiled egg that will have a hard white egg with yolk slightly soft.


You will get a hard-boiled egg that will have hard white as well as the yolk.


Set the timer depending upon the type of egg you wish to have.

#Step4:   Once the timer stops take a big spoon and remove the eggs and place them in the ice water.

The eggs are immersed in the ice water so that they further stop cooking and you get that perfectly cooked egg


Methods Of Peeling A Boiled Eggs

  • Remove the eggs out of the ice water.
  • To crack the shell of the egg tap it on some surface in a gentle manner.
  • Once it cracks softly roll it on the rigid surface so that there are more cracks on the shell.
  • Place the egg under the tap while the water is on and begin to peel from cracks formed.
  • Apart from eggshell and the white part of the egg there is another layer that in between the shell and egg white, which is like a thin layer and we can know for sure how to peel an egg perfectly when you peel that thin layer along with the shell. By peeling it under the water will help peel that layer easily.

how to peel eggs

Peeling a hard-boiled egg is quite easy, especially when you remove it from ice water. Soft-boiled egg, on the other hand, will need a more gentle approach. Now come the very soft-boiled eggs, these you need to eat by placing it in a cup specially made for an egg.


Soft-Boiled Eggs Storage

Since it is soft in nature usually it is eaten when it is fresh, however, it is possible to store it by keeping it unopened in the fridge.

It can be stored for as long as 2 days. If you don’t like your egg cold, you can bring it to room temperature by just dipping it in boiling water quickly.

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