10 funny questions to ask a guy

10 funny questions to ask a guy

Laughter is medicine they say. But did you know that it’s also a great way to start a conversation? Especially if it’s a guy you just met, and don’t know how to interact? Of course, everyone has a different level and sense of humor.

However here is a compilation of 10 of the most common funny questions that will tickle the funny bones of practically anyone, no matter what or how their sense of humor may be. In fact, you will be surprised at the turn of things once you ask these questions.

A list of 10 funny questions to ask a guy

1.     What do you think is something that makes everyone doing it looks stupid?

This will really get him thinking because there are so many things different people he knows look stupid doing. It could be the way a person walks dances or even stands at attention. Everyone knows someone either in their childhood or school days who used to act and look stupid.

2.     What do you think is really popular now but you may feel embarrassed about 5 years later?

Now this is also funny because most of the fashion trends we follow today will look really awkward later on. Especially if you are youngsters where you do all sorts of funny things wearing the weirdest clothes and even wear tattoos only to repent 5 years later!

3.     Which animal do you think would be the rudest, if animals could talk?

This should get both of your imaginations running wild. You can practically imagine how a dog or cow or house may talk and even start making funny noises because of this.

This is when you can come up with some really rude words you can imagine each animal saying. It will help break the ice with most people. However this is a question best asked only with people who have a relatively good sense of humor. Not everyone is up to making funny animal noises!

4.     What sport do you think would look really funny if played with some alcohol?

Now this can lead to quite a few jokes! You will both start imaging how it will look having drunk football players running after a ball or drunken baseball players trying to pitch and hit the ball! Things can get even more hilarious wondering how well a person will be able to throw, and play darts when drunk!

5.     What would coffee’s street name be if it’s illegal?

Now this is a question you should ask a guy who is either a coffee aficionado or someone who just detests coffee. They will go to heights to come up with either a name they like as the street name, or something they do not like at all.

6.     What would your DJ name be if you were a DJ?

Practically everyone has a secret dream of becoming a DJ. This is an opportunity to bring up the topic and find out what your friend would choose as his name if he was a DJ. It’s usually something whacky and interesting, so it’s worth talking about.

7.     What is the most unprofessional have you seen a person doing?

This is another funny but interesting question to ask anyone for that matter! Anyone usually has memories of seeing someone doing some weird and unprofessional things in their lifetime. Just be ready to hear some really gross and unexpected things!

You never know how unprofessional people there really are in the world! You have people who dig their noses in public, scratch their bums and even perhaps ogle at practically any female they set eyes on!

8.     What type of reality show will you want to see being made?

Reality shows are practically everyone’s favorite. Most people have some special or soft corner for a typical reality show but will also wish there was some other and better show. It can be something whacky or really sensible. You won’t know until you ask and find out!

9.     What song do you think will come to you as a soundtrack when you are about to get into a fight?

The most common song you may expect for this question is ‘The Final Countdown’ which should be most people’s favorite choice for a soundtrack while getting into a fight. However you never know. There may be some other song he may like which you may by in no way think is perfect as a soundtrack before a fight.

10.What is a really weird thing that you have seen in someone else’s home?

You will be surprised by some of the weird things a person can see in anyone’s house. Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the things you or your friend feels is weird may be another person’s pride of the house.

So do not be surprised about some of the weirdest things in a person’s house. you will get a good laugh when your friend describes the way he reacted and the shock he felt when he saw these weird things.


Ok now that you know these top 10 funny questions to ask a guy, remember that they are just questions. They will definitely help break the ice and give you both a good laugh. However it is left to you to continue the conversation after their reply.

And do not forget that the response depends on the level of humor the other person has. If they are not that funny a person you may not get as funny answers as you had expected. Then again, if they have a really good sense of humor, this list of 10 funny questions to ask a guy will lead to a lot more talking and discussion of even funnier things!

Mradula Shet

Mradula Shet

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